5 ways to reduce dental problems during Christmas holidays

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This feature season is here again. A time for merry making and merriment but remember, dental hygiene is as important as ever. Here are a few ways you reduce dental problems during these holidays by your trusted family dentist altona and family dentist point cook.
Watch your sugary and starchy food consumption.
The fact that sugar is bad for the teeth is a well-known one. But did you also know that carbohydrates break down into sugars? At this time, where the sweetest and most mouth gaping meals will be shared. Watch how you get a taste of everything.
Cut down the alcohol.
Always remember to drink responsibly and also, remember that acid wears off the enamel in your teeth
Alcohol also has a way of dehydrating your body and reducing the amount of saliva you’ll produce. Saliva plays a huge role in neutralizing the acid, and they are important. Drinks like wines are highly acidic and filled with sugar. You might want to cut that down a bit.
Keep hydrated
Drink more water. You can never go wrong with the water. Flushes toxins, neutralise acid, washes bacteria, keeps you healthier. Water is the best thing in this period…. and any for that matter.
Don’t chew ice blocks
Refrain from chewing ice block. They contain very high compressive strength that can cause fractures in your teeth. It’s painful, and you know the thing about teeth…. it never grows back once you pass 23.
Keep your Oral Hygiene habit
Although you might switch up your work routine during this time, Please remember to keep your dental hygiene routine. Floss, brush twice and keep your teeth sparkling and fresh.
Visit your dentist
You must not always be about to die from a tooth infection or a cavity before you see your dentist. Routine checks are always needed.
Stay healthy this festive period.

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