What is Dental Implant?

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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant involves fusion of a titanium screw with your jawbone. It acts as the root of your missing tooth, thus supporting the replacement. You can expect great stability, without the surrounding teeth getting affected.

How is it different from other tooth replacements?

Dental implant offers stability to your jaw bone, however, your teeth are not damaged in the process, unlike in the bridges, where the teeth structure takes a hit. As per the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the success rate is 97 percent for long dental implants. Implants are also comfortable and may avoid problems that arise with other replacements. Moreover, you can eat anything! While an implant can make up for one missing tooth, four implants will be able to replace all your upper/lower teeth. However, the number of implants will depend on the size and quality of your jawbone. If your implants are longer, fewer are the implants required to provide support to the replacements.

Placing an implant

First, a slit is made in your gum tissue and the implant is positioned over the place of missing tooth. The implant is then screwed into your bone by making drills. The gum tissue is then closed. Local anesthesia is used to perform this procedure, thus making it painless for you. You need to leave the implant in your mouth for around 3- 4 months before the crown can be placed.

Age is not an issue for a dental implant, however, it is not recommended for growing children. Implants can also be placed if you have suffered from bone loss. There are bone grafting methods to help in such cases.

Do not feel low if you have missing teeth or a denture. Dental implants help you develop yourself- image and you can eat and smile with full confidence. Implants are also easy on maintenance, just brush and floss as you did with your natural teeth. Be it a single tooth or the whole of your teeth, dental implants can be done. Implants are known to provide natural look while not compromising on the functionality too.

Factors to be considered for dental implants

  • Site of missing tooth/teeth
  • Your health
  • Cost
  • Your preference
  • Your jawbone quality where implant is planned.

Types of Implants

  1. Endosteal – This implant will be in the bone. This offers more stability.
  2. Subperiosteal – This lies on top of your jawbone. However, they are no longer preferred.


The core function of dental implants is to provide replacement for tooth. However, as they are stable, they are preferred to provide support for removable dentures, thus offering a comfortable fit. Furthermore, mini-implants are used in orthodontics to move your teeth to a preferred location.

Take care after a dental implant

As with any surgery or medical procedure, care is required after you get a dental implant. Take care to see that you do not develop inflammation of gums or bone near the implant. This may be due to a bacterial infection or because of the biting forces. If ignored, you could develop complications. So ensure you take proper care at home and follow up with your dentist. Routine brushing will help you in keeping plaque away. Keep in touch with your dentist Altona!

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