What Periodontists Do for Patients

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Although the mouth seems like a minor part of the body, it is a very vital part for your overall health and well being. In fact, its significance can be noticed in the fact that there are quite a number of unique doctors that specialized on areas in and around the mouth; such doctors include dentists, orthodontist, oral surgeons, and so on. A particular type of specialist that seems to have been overlooked often is the periodontist. There is even a possibility that you haven’t heard of such a specialist.

When it comes to getting the best treatment for your oral health, you have to see the right kind of specialist. Knowing about the work of a periodontist can help you make informed decisions about your oral health.

Who is a Periodontist?

A periodontist is a doctor that specialises in treating issues affecting the gums and the bones of the mouth. These types of issues are often called periodontitis, or periodontal disease. Generally, a periodontist attends a regular dental school, but still gets an additional three years of schooling to develop his/her expertise in these particular features of the mouth.

What Does a Periodontist Treat?

There is a likelihood that your general dentist has talked to you about your gums. However, for a patient to be referred to a periodontist, it often requires extreme issues such as advanced gingivitis. Aside from diagnosing, preventing, and treating periodontal disease, periodontists also place dental implants and engage in certain cosmetic procedures.

Should I See a Periodontist?

Generally, you should only see a periodontist when you have been referred by your general dentist. Your regular dentist may be able to help you resolve some issues faster and at a lower cost. However, if you are referred to a periodontal specialist, it is very crucial to follow the recommendation.

What Should I Expect at the Periodontist?

Your first visit will likely be just like your normal visit to any dentist. The specialist will closely examine your teeth and gums as well as carefully review your medical history to identify any drug interactions or previous conditions that could have caused and might heighten your problem. The Periodontist will then provide a diagnosis and recommend a further course of treatment. Such treatment could be as simple as just changing your oral health routine; it could also involve prescription medication, and in extreme situations, may require surgery.

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We guess you now know who a periodontist is as well as what such a specialist can do for patients.  If you suspect that you may need one or if your regular doctor advises you to see a periodontist, rely on our team to give you the best services. We are dedicated towards providing all the services our patients need, from consultation to treatment by a periodontist. Contact us immediately to get the process started.

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