About Us

About Us

Dental care and oral hygiene are the two most important aspects of well-being. We, at Seaholme dental, are your family dentist in Altona and are committed to providing you with expert and highest quality dental care. With our rich experience in the field and with the use of the latest techniques and equipment, we ensure that we provide the gentle and comfortable services for all your dental health needs. As one of the most reliable and experienced Altona dental care experts, we take pride in providing the most comprehensive dental care solutions.

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Our expertise and focus areas range across the variety of dental care functions including-
  • Periodontal treatment- This is one of our focused area that involves the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases
  • Endodontic treatment- employing the latest root canal techniques to save the teeth from decay
  • Dentistry services- Practice of maintaining the healthy teeth and gum
  • Cosmetic dentistry services- Ensuring the best dental health and aesthetics including teeth whitening, crowns, bonding, etc
  • Dentistry services for children
  • Emergency dental care

Why Choose Us

  • We provide services to various locations including Altona, Altona Meadows and Seaholme.
  • Altona Dental team is well-trained, highly qualified, and use the latest technology, proven methods, treatments, and materials to keep up with new dental practices and cutting edge dentistry from around the world.
  • We value the long-term relationship with our customer and are committed to providing the best possible dental care solutions to each and every client.
  • Our Dentists in Altona work with the mission of providing personal attention, care, and professional excellence to the clients.
  • As your Altona dental professionals, we always strive to provide you with services provided by trained and skilled staff that you can completely trust.
  • Our Altona dental team is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional. They are fully equipped to provide you with the high-quality dental service to your complete satisfaction.
  • Our dentists in Altona are trained and certified to provide treatment to all adults and children.

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