Month: October 2017

How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?

If you’ve ever wondered about the magnitude of the smoking problem and its harmful effects on the oral & dental health, consider these startling statistics from Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention: Smokers are four times more affected when it comes to poor dental health as compared to non-smokers Approximately one-third of total smokers suffer […]

Three Quick Tips To Improve Your Dental Routine

Our Seaholme Dental service aims at helping you live a healthy life. Good health and sound life style choices are keys to a long, healthy and happy life. Having proper routines helps us live a balanced and healthy life. The problem is that most people only pay attention to their medical needs too late . This […]

Why You Must Pay a Visit to Your Dentist Twice a Year?

Visiting a dentist twice a year has been recommended by dentists and many medical experts . The reason is quite surprising. Many dentists believe that early symptoms of diseases such as cancer can be detected  in the mouth. Moreover, paying a visit every six months ensures that you have a healthy set of teeth. Many […]

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