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Enjoy your Easter Eggs but Keep your Teeth Cavity-Free!

Enjoy your Easter Eggs but Keep your Teeth Cavity-Free! Easter Eggs & Oral Health

Did you know that chocolate equals sugar in terms of oral health?By all means, indulge in Easter eggs this Easter but remember to clean your teeth. Here are some tips: Limit chocolate to meal times only and consume in moderation. Children may need to be reminded about this. Adults, too! Substitute chocolate with low sugar […]

Why is it so important to Maintain Oral Hygiene During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Why is it so important to Maintain Oral Hygiene During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Seaholme Dental Surgery

Maintaining oral hygiene is very important at all times but has never been as important as at this present time. Good oral hygiene can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease and can help us keep our teeth for longer. Maintaining good oral hygiene is not too difficult. All one needs to do […]

How Baby Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

How Baby Teeth Erupt and Fall Out Seaholme Dental Surgery

Every child undergoes a phase of growth where their first teeth, also called baby teeth or milk teeth, erupt and fall out within a few years. This is an important dental milestone for every child that should excite both the child and the parents. In fact, most cultures around the world have folklore and traditions […]

Five Ways to Reduce Dental Problems during Christmas Holidays

Dental care and oral hygiene are the two most important aspects of the well-being. We, at Seaholme Dental, Altona, is your family dentist and am committed to providing you with the expert and highest quality dental care. With our rich experience in the field and with the use of the latest techniques and equipment, we […]

How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?

If you’ve ever wondered about the magnitude of the smoking problem and its harmful effects on the oral & dental health, consider these startling statistics from Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention: Smokers are four times more affected when it comes to poor dental health as compared to non-smokers Approximately one-third of total smokers suffer […]

Three Quick Tips To Improve Your Dental Routine

Our Seaholme Dental service aims at helping you live a healthy life. Good health and sound life style choices are keys to a long, healthy and happy life. Having proper routines helps us live a balanced and healthy life. The problem is that most people only pay attention to their medical needs too late . This […]

Why You Must Pay a Visit to Your Dentist Twice a Year?

Visiting a dentist twice a year has been recommended by dentists and many medical experts . The reason is quite surprising. Many dentists believe that early symptoms of diseases such as cancer can be detected  in the mouth. Moreover, paying a visit every six months ensures that you have a healthy set of teeth. Many […]

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