Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

Most people have experienced dental emergencies at some point and the pain can be severe.  Before you can see a dentist, it is still good for the patient or family to provide a  bit of help.

What are some of the first aid measures you can render before booking with a dentist? Some of the dental emergencies and possibly first aid treatments are listed below.

Knocked out or Broken Tooth

One may suffer cracked or broken tooth during a jump or fall, or while chewing and eating something hard.  In certain instances, the entire tooth may fall out of the mouth. As soon as it occurs, it is essential to place the whole tooth in a bowl of milk, after rinsing very gently with water and holding it carefully by the crown. Dentists usually recommend this in order to have a better chance of reattaching the tooth.  Dentists also recommend that the patient place a wet clean cloth or ice pack externally at the site of the injury while making one’s way to the dental clinic.

Infections, Swelling, Abscesses and Toothache

Poor daily dental care and oral hygiene may result in tooth or gum infections and is a  great risk if the patient suffers from chronic health conditions like diabetes. It may lead to ulcers and swelling in the mouth. What do you do before calling your family dentist or probably visit a dental clinic near you?  Well, we advise that you rinse the mouth with warm salt water. You can also place ice cubes wrapped in a clean napkin outside the mouth over the affected area.

Sensitivity of Tooth

Feeling an electric current like feeling, while eating certain meals or beverages, whether hot or cold, may not be something to be taken with a grain of salt. You can organise to visit us to find out if it is something serious. To help with this sensitivity immediately, you can always use a desensitizing toothpaste. 

Dealing with Pain

Generally, patients with dental emergencies experience pain or discomfort. The degree of pain should determine how it would be handled. It may not be possible to see your family dentist immediately, so you can take some pain killers like Panadol or Nurofen or administer ice on the affected teeth area.

Staying healthy and taking care of your teeth with utmost discipline will go a long way to prevent many emergencies and the need to visit a dental clinic. You should be aware that teeth aren’t replaceable. Thus, always maintain a hygienic lifestyle by eating a healthy diet and drinking enough water.

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